Wear your Imagination 

Wear yourValues

It started with a simple idea: Create high-quality, well designed apparel that I would buy for myself.


We are Loomsday, a fresh outcome with vibrant design and technology company that will make your life easier. We’re not just a common t-shirt printing company, we take pride ourselves in giving your brand the latest unique ways of advertising - with exclusive custom made artworks that you can actually wear.

Invest in a marketing strategy that will be worn, seen and talked about.

It doesn’t matter how big or small an order is: We specialize in large scale orders. There is absolutely no minimum order, we can even print a single piece!



We provide alternative and cost-efficient advertising for your business by using T-Shirt as one of your long term marketing channels.

If you haven't got any T-shirt or a hoodie with your brand's logo, you're missing out on a powerful and affordable marketing opportunity. Proven that T-shirt is the best method as it is unlimited marketing.

Consumers can wear custom T-shirts for years, which gives your business the opportunity to effectively, spread your marketing messages and social campaigns for the long term.

Our Printing Expert always consults our customers on what would be the best solution for every specific case and make sure you get the best possible deal.

If It often happens that someone, because they don’t know any better, might think they need a certain technique when actually another one would be a much better fit. Currently, we’re offering HD printing, DTG (Direct-To-Garment printing for new entrepreneurs), heat transfer printing, embroidery, and Silkscreen.

We offer some of the fastest turnarounds in the market. Our regular delivery is within 10 to 14 days, while our express service, Print On Demand is within 7 days. Anytime, anywhere online services in India.


HD Printing

The prints have 95% or more color accuracy. In some prints techniques, the color changes when you apply heat. The level of fineness can be less than 1mm. Unlike other techniques such as silkscreen, DTG, Print and Cut methods that can’t be achieved.


Direct to Garments

DTG Printing is an inkjet technology that is able to print highest-quality, full-color, photographic prints directly onto T-shirts. DTG Printing is best suited for complex designs or artwork.



Silkscreen is best suited for high-volume orders. This method is ideal for printing high-quality t-shirt designs because it guarantees the ultimate replication of the design. Screen printing is a great option if you’re working on a large project.



Embroidery is the technique of decorating apparel, fabric, or other materials with needle and thread. It gives you an embossed design on your clothes. Embroidery is long-lasting, durable, and versatile.